Even if you’re not a model, you certainly can have style. I had the fortune to welcome Daniel Dubicz into my studio. Before creating his headshot, we did a fashion inspired business portrait session on the street.


I got to admit, I don’t consider myself a fashionable guy, but I was always fascinated by style. A few years ago I met with fashion expert Tibor Ugodi (Tibor stíluslapja) for a personal style consultation that completely changed my way of thinking regarding clothing. I rethought my wardrobe and visited a lot of stores before I reached Loft Outlet (Loft Outlet). I’ve been buying my stuff there ever since. On my last visit to the store I met Dani who turned out to be a fashion blogger ( http://dubiczur.blog.hu/ ) and he’s quite at home in this matter.

If some contacts me for a headshot, asks what to wear, what clothes to bring. I can only say my standard answer that you can read about on this webpage as well. But to tell you what shirt or tie to wear that suits your skin tone, hair style, eye contour, face character is out of my league. If you need photography, I’m happy to help, but for fashion advice, I always reach out to an expert.

As we all know, a headshot photoshoot needs a different make-up than a business portrait. But is this true for your attire? No. A headshot is made to show that you’re such a self confident person with such a positive attitude that you’re the only viable option for your business partners, clients, investors or future employers. This is why it’s so important to choose a dress that suits the need of your target audience and it does not matter wether if you’re coming in for a portrait or head to business meeting.


Fashion and the business portrait

Style does not depend on fashion. An excellent shirt is a perfect invitation to any party. While generally not true for creatives, for business people a more formal attire is mandatory. If you come in for a photoshoot, it is advisable to bring a few tops, shirts and we can select the best looking ones together.

If you need more help navigating in the world of fashion and style, find an expert on the subject. If you need a good headshot or business portrait, do the same. Contact me.