As I already wrote a lot of photographs are taken in a short time, as we’re efficient creating your photographs, may it be a headshot or a business portrait.

How many variations can we expect for a headshot and how many for a business portrait?

The C.V. package includes 30 minutes of photography. This is usually enough to choose one type of outfit and work with it. When we first meet in person, I immediately have an idea of your “good side”, after a few clicks I’m pretty certain about it. Even in the first few minutes we’ll have some great shots in front of a white background. Then I’ll photograph you from different sides, with various facial expressions, then we’ll look at the images together and select the best ones. Those will help us determine which way to continue.

You’ll see the pictures on a huge LCD monitor, not the tiny window on the back of the camera. I’m using the big screen to be aware of tiny details.

If a setup is exceptionally good, I usually shoot the same picture with a dark background as well, then we continue with the white. If we find that the dark background suits you well, then we’ll concentrate on that. If you have long hair, we’ll definitaly work with it and shoot a lot of variations with different hair styles. If you wear glasses, we’ll usually shoot you with your glasses, but of course you’ll have glass-less portraits as well.

Three variations in case of a headshot


First setup: the hairstyle as the client likes it best.


Playin with the hair: We can get such different looks with a ponytail.


Again, we’re getting other variations by using a dark background.

Additional possibilities in case of a business portrait

While the timeframe of a short headshot photo session only allows the quick change of tops or ties, you have a lot more leeway in case of a business portrait. You’ll have time for multiple shirt, jacket changes for different backgrounds.

We can shoot a business portrait in or around your office even in a green location like a park. Of course we’ll use your best abilities, we’ll play with movements, facial expressions, your hair, your glasses. As the base of all good business portraits are self-confidence and positive attitude, playing in your home track can definitely be a strong advantage. Not only the pictures’ll be perfect, but we’ll get the best of you too.

Decide if you need a quick headshot or a business portrait, and get in touch with us!