It is a fact that we make the best a business portrait can be, that is no joke. But does this affect the good mood during the photoshoot? Highly unlikely!

Humorous or serious business portrait?

First of all, the best stress easing aid is humor and being a model carries a lot of stress. Naturally there are professional models, but there is a different name to that stress, it is called stage fright. You can’t make a serious business portrait while being nervous, may it be the model or the photographer. A good portrait photographer knows this very well, plus the fact that portrait photography is 90% psychology.

So afraid. Tremors in the hands, even in the corner of the mouths. There are about another dozen more signals that tells me something is not good. But the fact that we have these signs is a great thing, this way a good photograher knows that something has to be done.

Solution is absurd. Most folks on the British isles love absurd, just like Hungarians. This is the reason we both have so much love for Monthy Python or You rang m’lord. Hungarians even have their own Holló színház and L’art pour L’art theater. Local cabaret is now taken over by stand-up comedy.

References to the absurd, suggesting the impossible are all funny for our clients. Some older puns or new ones created on the same analogy all tend to break the ice, and that is the moment when we stop beliving the “nobody can take a good photo of me” nonsense. If the session really moves in an absurd direction, I love capturing facial expressions and if requested, I can assemble a 3×3 picture that illustrates the severity of the situation and is a good memorabilia.:

Not so serious business portrait

Of course, I have to show you the end result as well. Belive it or not, the same image was shot at the same time the others were.

Serious business portrait

Of course there aren’t two exact personalities. The method that works for one may fail with the other. This is why it is extremely important to choos a photographer who suits you not just technically, financially, but is a master of reducing stress. As you know, a good business portrait is not an ordinary investment.

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