If you plan to pay for a product or a service, it is important to analyze how good an investment that is. This is also true for a headshot or a bussiness portrait.

After looking up the portal called fizetesek.hu and found how much an average marketing specialist, programmer, private banker, dentist earn, I found that the amount is HUF 500.000. This is a country wide average, so it is much higher in Budapest, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s stay at this amount. These professionals usually change workplaces in 3 years.

If the profession is sought after, then usually a headhunter is the one that finds these people and invites them to a better position with better pay. In order for this to be successful, it is vital that the headhunter presents a self-confident, positive personality to the HR decision maker of the hiring company. An employee that is worth the extra 5, 10, 20% salary.

After consulting with CEOs, I can honestly say that the first selection of new candidates are by just looking at the faces on the c.v.s. Belive it: a bad photo guarantees that your application lands in the trash can, this is especially true in the sales and marketing industry. So if you plan to change companies, this is the time to have a new headshot taken.

Men’s C.V. Headshot package as of this article is HUF 17.000 Ft. If you calculate a 10% increase in salary, HUF 500.000 to HUF 550.000, not counting inflation multiplying it for 3 years, we win HUF 1.8 million, that is more than 100 times that you payed for your photo. That’s what they call a very good investment.

If you search for a headshot photographer, find the best. You’ll know it’s worth it when you’re looking at your first paycheck.