Our most popular service is the C.V. Headshot photoshoot. On of the first questions clients ask is why does the package contain just one image, while we take about 20-30 or even 50 photographs during the photoshoot? A valid question.
Usually most of our clients seek a solution to a single problem. Do they need a LinkedIn profile picture? One photo will be needed. The same thing goes for the c.v. or web page. If we’d process a lot of images, the package would be much more expensive and we’d hand over portraits that would not be used in the future.

What if the client chooses a light, shirt and tie headshot for the company web page, but would need another wearing a t-shirt on a dark background for a Tinder profile picture? This is why we have post-ordering. After the photoshoot, we’ll keep all the images for two years, should our cliens need any of them later on. This way the client would not have to come to the studio and pay for another photo session, just order the extra files.

We buy a lot of unnecessary products and services daily. we’d like your headshot to be a reasonable investment.